Monday, March 17, 2014

PAYDAY!!! The future is bright, Smiles needs shades!!!

This week was crazy good!!! I got to return to Bilbao to listen to Elder Kearon a 70 and in the presidency here in Europe! Incredible!! I didn´t have much time in Bilbao but it felt sure good.
We have seen some serious miracles this week y´all wouldn´t even believe me.
Milagro 1: We visited a family that is returning to activity and we said that they can all be missionaries. They were so excited! So Sunday after church one of the girls said ¨Come on! I have friends I want you to meet¨. She took us to 4 houses of friends, 2 of which have families that want to hear more about the church!
This place is starting the fire!!!! 
Milagro 2:(Through this miracle think like God would, like looking at Menorca like a map with streets and everything. Almost like a video game, and we are the green dots and the blue dots are the people who are prepared to be baptized. Elder Archibald taught me this.) We were walking to Manuel´s piso because Elder Ponce forgot his scarf and on our way we walked past a family sitting on a bench that I felt we just had to contact them. We did. We asked if they have time (which is always NO) they said we have the whole afternoon. We talked for a little and they said that they had been taught before but moved and the missionaries lost contact. We invited them to be baptized and they accepted with a huge YES. (The best part) “Will you pray for us Dad?”, we can teach you how. We said start like this blaha blah and then give thanks for... His wife said that he felt that as a family we should go for a walk today and we found the missionaries that we were looking for. I almost cried, my prayers have been answered I was so grateful. They said they have a lot of family here and they would love us to share this message with them too. It was the miracle of my mission. 
We are El Faro mission and this is what we do. We find. We teach. We baptize worthy converts. 
This is why I´m here.

Prayer list:
1.Manuela. Baptized the 22. That we can see her everyday this week to teach her all.
2.Jose. Baptized the 29. We can see him and baptize him before General Conference.
3.Alexander and the family. That they all have desires to listen and be baptized.
4. That we can help the menos activos and the members stay and keep coming to church.

Elder Smiley
Go Baptize Someone Today

Enjoying some sunshine

See the little white house...

...and here it is with it's own beach. 

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