Monday, July 21, 2014

Oh the ups and down (seems like a lot of downs lately) of being a missionary!!

This week was really hard again until Sunday night. We had an incredible miracle yesterday. Boom. This week we just had fired visits and lots of disappointments especially at church. When 1 of our promised 6 came to church I just got super mad. I had just had it. I felt like god had just forgotten about us. I almost cursed God. Pte. Pace had asked us to find in a certain way called pass by´s. Not working. That we should work with the members. Not working! Talk with everyone. Not working! I prayed and asked what he wanted of me. If he wanted something happen here or if we should just roll over and die. I literally felt like I was just suffering. Like there was nothing that we could do except take Satan´s blows. I was just down. All of the miracles of the last 2 weeks just rolled over and died.
I was just at that point last night when we went over to a person that fired us at church (Maria and Elisa). They received us and let us go up. They told us their reasons and they were really good. Things had happened, and they had to fix the emergency. We then said it´s time for baptism and she said yes it is. I need 1 week to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. We said yes. She thanked us for helping her all this time and for putting up with her. She cried and it was just what I needed.
It was a miracle. It might be the one. The one before Elder Wiscombe goes. I want him to go out punching with a baptism. I have worked so hard so that we could help someone be baptized. That is really all I want. We have also been trying to help Bishop´s family which the majority are inactive and it´s hard on him. We found one of his less active daughters and we are now working with her and her husband to help them come back. They are progressing and I think we will see him in church next Sunday. Plus they have friends who are nonmembers and one is deaf and mute. I think she is prepared for the gospel. I am very excited for these weeks to come.
I´ve got a good feeling about this week. I think that we are going to see some huge miracles. God really tests your faith. I´ve never been tested like this, I think even worse than with Elder Alder. I hope we are blessed for enduring.
I love all of you and I thank you for sending Angels to help the work here in Vitoria Spain through your avid prayers. I love the opportunity to serve my savior Jesus Christ and even sometimes to bleed in his name.  It´s an opportunity you will not and can not get in any other circumstance.
If you could pray for Maria and Elisa we would love that. We´ve got to find then baptize everyone!!!

√Člder Smiley

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