Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Finally, a letter that is a bit up beat!!

We went to San Sebastian for preparation day last week and it was great! The views are incredible and it is a beautiful place. This week was not much easier than the last few weeks but we saw 2 huge miracles.
First we find a man on the street who was so very interested in our message and it is extremely excited to hear what we have for him and his family. I love families!!! The best are finding and teaching families.
The next is that Maria came to church and loved it. Elisa had to work and that was a pity, but Maria came and loved it and she could easily be baptized whenever they would like.  I think that Maria could be baptized this weekend. We are visiting her tonight and we will probably see her tomorrow too. I have got a feeling that miracles are coming this week. It is going to be the month of Vitoria. We are extremely excited what is going on, the Zone is on fire!! The elders are excited. Transfers are coming and a few we need but a few we will miss but they are all excited and there will be huge miracles and baptisms in the month of August. Boom baby!!!
Yesterday we went to Barcelona for Leadership and we came to a conclusion or a goal of having everyone invite someone to be baptized everyday. I was very excited fro the simplicity of the goal but the real impact of the goal. We as a mission have found so many investigators, now we just have to put them all in the water. It was a great experience and a great last concilio for Elder Wiscombe.  
The best part of the last week was the flight back. I sat on the very back of the plane and it was horrible. We hit some nasty turbulence as we flew through a lightning storm. It was so scary but so cool. We are fishtailing on the back and there was a point when the plane just dropped a little. Everyone screamed and people were crying. I sat next to a Chinese man who spoke English and loves the U.S.A., and he was intrigued that G-pa is a Chinese professor and disappointed in me for not learning a little if my G-pa is Chinese. HaHa   On the other side it was patchy, he was a stubborn atheist Spaniard who was just a great man. I loved him but he just wouldn’t accept anything. A bit sad. Great miracles are coming in this mission and I am excited!! I love all of you and I wish the best for all of you!!! Thank you so much!!!
If you could all pray for Maria and Elisa that they could be baptized that would be fantastic.
Also Ricardo and his family. We are excited!!

Love you all!!!

√Člder Smiley

San Sebastian with Elder Wiscombe
Elder Wiscombe and I

Beautiful San Sebastian

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