Monday, August 18, 2014

Investigator Miracles and High Five Funnies

I want to tell y´all how important it is to suffer sometime. I have suffered so much to get to this point that I am now. We have had 9 people on a baptismal date. The work is flourishing in the zone. We are one of the best zones right now in the whole mission. We are seeing huge miracles in the zone. We are getting references from the members, of which I will talk about more later. Some crazy stuff happened and Elder Wilson has made me laugh so much. He is so funny!!!!!!! He is just like Elder Meservey!!! I will write Jake and tell him that because it helps me overcome the hard times of the mission.
Our miracle this week tracks back to the Sunday prior to Elder Wiscombe leaving. We felt that this member had friends that needed the gospel. We visited them and found out that she had been preparing a friend by   inviting her friend to pray and has been inviting her to the church. As we were finishing the visit and after explaining the Book of Mormon the member invited her to be baptized, and she accepted the invitation to be baptized. It really makes me happy that Elder Wilson and I get to see the fruits of Elder Wiscombe´s labors. 
Another miracle was when we finally got a hold of an old contact of Elder Wiscombe´s and I´s. We find out he works right out front of our piso, lives next door to a less active coming back, already knows a member in the church, and..... has a family. A family of 4 (3 of 4 are baptismal age) Boom!!
Elder Wilson says fetch a lot. It makes me laugh a lot. It is so funny! He is super funny!  We were contacting and for some reason I was about 10 feet in front of him and I tried to stop a man but he just put up his hand as if we was waving at us but waving us off. He passes me and with his hand still in the waving position Elder Wilson goes in for the high five and yells ¨¡choca!¨ which means ¨high five!¨. He walked right past him too but I was on the ground laughing and it was exactly what I needed to keep going. Super funny!!!
Maria and Elisa are not progressing as much as they should but vamos.
Osas wants to be baptized yesterday but his wife not as quickly.
Ricardo and his family are excited and we are excited to keep teaching them.
If you could keep them in your prayers and also the whole ward of Vitoria as we try to follow the prophets voice and unite members and missionaries baptizing and teaching non members.

I love all of you!!! I thank all of you and hope 
that Angels watch over and guide you all.

 Élder Smiley
Elder Smiley, Elder Wilson, and their favorite member!!

New companion, Elder Wilson!  The #1 Zone in the church!!!

Grandma Smiley's birthday present to Dave!!

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