Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Great letter, things are looking up!!

This week Elder Wiscombe went out strong. He never got trunky. He never talked about home. He never hinted to the end. He is my example and I will never forget him. He has been one of my favorite companions and I will never forget him. We saw miracles in his last week. Even though Maria and Elisa did not get baptized this week they came to church and they keep progressing. I have faith that they will be baptized. We also had an investigator that came to church that had not come in at least a year. He loved it. My new companion will be Elder Wilson. This is his first time being a zone leader. He is a great missionary and he is in my group. He is as crazy as I am, he loves the mission and I am super excited to work with him. 
We are seeing tons of success in the zone as well and we are going into August strong. I am very excited. I am glad that I have the opportunity to serve a mission. I have learned so much, a lot from my companions and also a lot from the work that we do daily. The daily challenges and the great miracles that god blesses us with. The mission is the best thing that we can possibly do. I am excited for all the miracles that are coming to Vitoria and to the Vitoria zone. We are getting everyone excited.
The members are catching fire. We have been visiting more with the members to try and get them excited about sharing the gospel with their friends. We have upcoming visits with friends of members. Things we have not seen in some time. Next week’s email will be bigger. Lot´s of things are going to be happening and we are inviting someone to be baptized every day because that is what we do in El Faro. Love you all.
I ask that you keep praying and fasting for Maria and Elisa. Also Ricardo, he is a great man we have found and I feel he is prepared. If you could also pray for the members so that they can be excited about missionary work. Thank you and love you all. I thank you for your prayers and your help. I love you and I hope what is best for everyone of you!

√Člder Smiley

A few more things super quick. Thank you for all the letters that have been sent my way. I want to personally thank the Chesters, the Young Men, Grandma and Grandpa Smiley, Grandma and Grandpa Stamps, The Johnsons, The Powells and Mom. Thank you!!

I also invite all of you to read the talk by Elder Ballard called Following Up and to do what it invites us to do.

Here is our "Smiley Missionary" just a few years ago, eating breakfast watching TV

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