Monday, August 25, 2014

Looking Good!! Love these kind of letters!

This week at first was a little disappointing, then it got way better!!!!!!!!!
First of all a lot of stuff went down this week. I will try to organize it well but here we go.
First I went to Burgos on an exchange where we saw a huge miracle. A family of 3 was referred. When we got there and asked who was ¨so & so¨ she said that´s me and I am the one that wants to hear about your church. Huge miracle! Also we taught a part member family who came to church and now the nonmember wife wants to be baptized. Now the bad news, when I was there also our Brazilian family dropped us because their old church gave him a calling and he felt obligated to do it. That was hard on us. 
The day after I got back from Burgos I had to go to Pamplona to do a baptism interview and we just made it a whole day thing so we could have Elders in our area working too. She was super prepared and super excited for her baptism. I love baptisms!!!! 
With all this time on the bus I tweeked my back and I was about 50% for a couple of days. I looked like an old man walking on the street trying to contact people. I at least hoped for some sympathy, but no go.   Dang some people are cold!!
We did some yoga and with lots of drugs I got to the point of walking and running to our visits again. We visited Osas and he is prepared to be baptized this Friday. We are so excited for a baptism in the ward. It has been a while. Dang!!! We need this baptism!!!  He is super excited for his baptism. He came to church and we announced the baptism and everyone got excited. 
Then at church on Sunday a Spanish girl walked in that I didn´t know and sat next to a member. After I asked who she was the member told me she was an old investigator who could not be baptized because her parents would not let her. Her parents went out of town and so she decided to come to church. Last time she didn´t really do her part, according to her, such as read and pray about the Book of Mormon. We are excited to see her progress and be baptized.
Also an investigator of the hermanas brought a friend to church and he wants to learn more. Boom! huge miracle!!!
Mom I love you! I thank you first of all for ¨teaching me correct principles and letting me govern myself.¨ I see lots of people missing their moms and I just haven´t felt that as much, (let me explain) and I think it is because my mom taught me that I didn´t always need to be babied. I was not always being smothered by you and having you do everything. That is the best thing you did for me, and if you were to ask me I think I love you more than all those other missionaries that miss their moms!   Its just that mine taught me better. ha Sounds like a great trip you will have to Michigan. I am glad school started well. Could you send me a picture of Riley Lewis. How weird that he is home.  

Things are looking good. Seeing lots of miracles and are hoping to see lots of conversion as well. We love you and thank all of you!

We ask that you pray for Osas, Ania and Elisa as they progress towards baptism. Thank you so much! I love all of you!!!

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