Monday, October 13, 2014

Good news from Spain. "Bad Weeks" only last a week!!!

This week was incredibly better than the last. We quadrupled our lessons and found double the investigators. We are excited and are working our butt´s off! Elder Ganowsky at the end of one day was like ¨Wow we have walked and worked a lot.¨ I agreed with him and I was proud. I was proud that we had worked so hard. We had seen so many great miracles. 
I have 3 stories to tell that increased my faith and my enjoyment of the mission.
First, the funny one. We visited with the old Pablo, the one that almost was baptized but 2 days before his baptism backed out and dropped us. We were talking with him and he told us that the city had cut out his light. He had also told us that through all the trials that had come to him he said he wanted to kind of distance himself with God so Elder Ganowsky and his witty self opened up his Book of Mormon to 3 Nephi 11: 10-11, where it says that Jesus Christ is the light of the world. Pablo didn´t get the pun but I was biting my tongue. It was an incredible lesson in the end thanks to Elder Ganowsky.
The next thing is a great miracle. We had an investigator tell us that it would be ok if we would go and pass by to pick her up to go to church yesterday. So like we were told we passed by before church to go together. We pass by and no one answers the doorbell below. Then their friend that lives in a room in the same piso came by and opened the door from the street for us, then banged the door and dinged the door bell until someone came. The man that came told us that the person we came to pick up was going to another church today. I then invited him to come to our church. He kind of rolled his eyes with something like ¨Ok. Ok. I´m coming.¨ He changed and got ready in 5 minutes and we went to church. Turns out he knew some of the members and they were very good friends of his. 
The miracle this week was Sunday night.   We were walking and found a less active who I had tried a great amount to have contact with. We talked with her and she really still did not want to come back. Later that night we saw her three times more, every time we were rejected. After we asked her for her help to go and find investigators. In the past Maria Del Carmen would knock buildings alone to find investigators for the missionaries, She was relief society president, warm missionary and dedicated member. I had always wanted to help her return but she had been pretty stubborn.  She then told us she would teach us how to knock doors. We entered in every building she touched and even though we only got one visit out of all of it she said that she wanted to come with us to that visit. I was a very happy missionary after. I felt that we had used different ways to find and bring back people to Christ.
Thank you all of your prayers and your consideration of me! I love all of you and I hope that all have God´s support through out this week!

√Člder Smiley

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