Monday, October 20, 2014

Good week in Vitoria, Great Sunday for Dave in the Vitoria Ward!!

Kind of a casual week. Nothing too big but we did see some large miracles.
Elder Ganowsky and I are working well together and things are looking good. The big thing this week is capitalizing.
First of all yesterday in church, 103 people! Boom! Maria Del Carmen, the big one  that I have been trying for light years to help come back, finally came back. Super Spanish. Super old and super traditional. Someone who I believe I will be in 50 years. Wow I have worked hard for that one, Bishop really loves her and asked her to give the opening prayer and she began to cry and kind of ask for forgiveness in it. 
A family that said a month ago that they would never come back came to church and even brought a friend we had told them to bring. Boom! Just a great miracle!
A less active that acts like she is not there when we knock on her door came. I don´t get along with her very well but I´m trying.
The members are working hard. We have received many references and like I had said earlier, now we just have to capitalize on them. 
A great miracle was when we finally got a visit with an old investigator that was busy when I first got here but now has more time. We taught him the first lesson and explained what we would like to do and how we would like to do it. We testified of the Book of Mormon and of the truthfulness of our message. At the end of the lesson Elder Ganowsky invited him to be baptized and he almost didn´t hesitate in accepting it. What a great blessing to have seen it.
This preparation day we went to San Sebastian again, and it was a blast! We took lots of pictures and sure did enjoy ourselves! It was nice to act like Mark Cody and I, with these chumps. hahah
I love all of you and thank you for all you do for us! I thank you for your prayers and your help. I hope you all receive the help y´all need to continue and press on. Love all of you!

√Člder Smiley

Sosmething about Dave and cannons!!

Did not even know there were Sisters in the area.  Now we have photographic evidence.

Two Zone Leaders and their two greenbeans.  Smiles is looking good isn't he?

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