Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Short Letter!!! Lots of Good-by pictures from Vitoria

I got the call Saturday night that I would be heading to Valencia. I kind of called it, and I am super excited to be here.
They have asked me to help out the district in barrio 2.
It is looking super good down here. It is super hot, but I like it and hope I´ll get used to it soon.
To get here I was traveling from 6:30 in the morning to 8:00 at night, crossing the country. 
I will be working with Elder Jones. He is a boss!!!! (picture next week) I love him to death already!!! He reminds me so much of Elder Archibald. He´s a boss!
We are going to see tons of miracles!!! I love all of you and look forward to working here with Elder Jones and this district. 
Valencia fire!!!!
I love all of you and thank you for your prayers. I feel your support, love, and prayers. 

√Člder Smiley
Elder Smiley & Bishop Maitane

Dave and Elder Jenkins, the other skinniest missionary in the mission

Elder Smiley & his "Nigerian Brothers"

Two "solid" sisters in the ward in Vitoria

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