Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas week in Valencia

Santa got here on Monday!!!!
What a blessing. We are definitely going to enjoy this one.
I love the pictures of the Tie Crew. That sure did bring peace to my heart.
Good job on the Christmas card as well. The cruiser is looking mighty fine Paps.
We sure are excited to make all the cookies and brownies and cake mixes that y´all sent us.
We are just excited in all ways!
Thank you!
This Christmas week is going to be much different than the last. This Christmas we have plans to visit all the members and sing for them. We sure are excited to not just go contacting. That will be a lot nicer.
This past week was pretty rough. It was good timing on the Christmas stuff because everyone just fell off the face of the planet. We lost contact with Noris and Mayra. The Cuban family dropped us. Everyone we had found told us they weren´t interested. Just a rough week to go into this great week this week.
This week everything is going to be incredible! We have lots of visits already set and lots of presents to unwrap and give away. It will be great to spread Christmas cheer to all those in Spain.
We are, as Charles Barckley would say, going hard in the paint this week. I´m fired up!
I ask mostly that you pray for Noris. We don´t know what happened and I am nervous about her.
I learned this week how to enjoy the mission though. I learned that we just have to go as hard as we can and that´s when we feel like we have done all we were supposed to.
That´s all I want when I finish my mission. That feeling or assurance that I did all that I was supposed to have done.
Merry Christmas to all!!!!
Love y´all!!!

√Člder Smiley

Santa got here!!!!

The Fightin' Four

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