Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Survived the transfer, still in Valencia!

What a week. I thought it was going well last week until this week came...... and it got great!!!! Also some sad things. Elder Jones got the call and he is on his way to Las Arenas (a small town next to Bilbao). We will miss him but that branch needs his help. Elder Ward is coming down here to be the new zone leader. We are super excited to have him here. My new companion will be Elder Smith (yes I have been telling the whole world that he is a descendant of Joseph Smith hahahah).
A couple miracles:
1. I received a call from our boy Elder Lower in the other part of Valencia saying that a Cuban family had contacted him and wanted to know more about the church. We passed by, we taught, we invited and he accepted it all. He is now progressing towards the 20th of December. There are 3 of them but they have even more family and friends that we are going to have them invite. What a blessing.
2. Mayra. Yes it has been a long time. She saw us as we were teaching a lesson on a bench and she waited to talk to us. She apologized for the absence and the distance she had put but that she wanted to change. she then put her own baptismal date for the 20th as well.
3. Noris came to church on Sunday after having zero contact with her during the whole week (again). President Pace spoke during the stake conference we had and invited all to be baptized and she sat there thinking. WE will have a visit this week to put a set fecha. 
4. An old lady with a german shepherd (that was probably bigger than coach, more than 90 pounds) went berzerk and went to attack a man and his dog. The lady with the dog couldn´t hold him back with the leash, in fact she was being dragged by the dog until Elder Jones grabbed the leash and tugged, then all of a sudden the dog turned on him and bit him. It was so cool. I hope he gets a scar.
5. ¨He is the gift¨ I saw that Andi already had that up but it is a huge push for missionary work during the month of December and it should be our (members and missionaries) number 1 form of work. The prophets have told us this is what we will do and we have already brought tears to people’s eyes. It´s been a blessing.
Blessings and Miracles! A lot different than a Christmas in Menorca.   Elder Alder and I have been joking about that one. 
If you could please pray for our friends especially that they can receive their answers. 
I love all of you and hope that you all receive the Christmas spirit and can feel the love of Christ as we share his love with the world!

√Člder Smiley

1.  Is it still warm?  It was 58 degrees here yesterday.
            1. Yes, warmer than St. George.
2.  What are your plans on Christmas?
            2. Not sure. I will talk to the members and by next week you´ll know. We will probably go to the house of a certain member, then eat, and visits to members and non members, Hopefully more peaceful than last year.
3.  What is your mode of transportation in Valencia?  
            3. All metro. Incredible!
4.  Do you speak English when you are in the apartment and Spanish when you leave?
            4. Yes
5.  Are there universities in Valencia?
            5.Yes, very big as well. Lots of foreign exchange students
6.  Are there restaurants in Valencia affordable?
            6. Couldn´t tell you, we haven´t gone to anything other than Mcdonalds or cheap restaurants on the streets.
7.  How big is your zone?  How many miles wide is it?
            7. 30 missionaries. 6 wards. Farthest travels 1 hour by train. Incredible!!!

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