Monday, January 12, 2015

Hitting stride in Valencia - might that mean it is time to transfer???

What an eventful week. This week was Reyes, which was equivalent of Christmas. (I´ll be completely honest this week felt like a month. I thought that Reyes was 2 weeks ago) Monday and Tuesday were a bit rough, but we just went hard right after. The Lord blessed us with 16 new people to teach. 16!!!!!!!!! Going from teaching 1 or 2 people during the holidays to teaching 18 or 19, what a blessing it has been. We are back on our horse. 
Elder Smith is Cody excited. Explain. When Elder Smith gets excited, for example on our way into a teaching visit or after a successful visit, he does the Cody thing with his hands. hahaha It makes me miss ya Code. You are missed. Then I laugh it off and do it with him.
We are now teaching a group of friends from Pakistan. (Side note: G pa and G ma Smiley did y´all serve in Pakistan or where on your mission?) Elder Smith is loving it!
Now we are on our way! We got back in contact with Mayra. What a weird miracle that was. As we were talking with someone coincidentally outside her piso, she came out and said I will be waiting to talk with y´all. We finished the contact then went to her piso. She had dorky doubts and Elder Smith goes hard in the paint with the Book of Mormon and explains how it resolves doubts. (Chapter 5 Preach my Gospel) She was like. ¨Well that does make sense¨ She´s back.
I am excited and a bit nervous with transfers coming up next week. I guess we´ll see.
I had a good interview with president and a great part of it was him asking me how my missionaries were doing and as we talked he said ¨I can´t get that information out of them. Elder Smiley that could be a future career. People would pay you to do that.¨ It completely caught me by surprise then we continued. Pretty funny.
We did find out who will be our new mission president coming this July (a week before I leave). Merril T. Datyon. If you get any information I would love to get it. We are excited but a lot more sad. We love the Paces. They are like my second parents. (behind the Stevens, Bennets, Paxton´s, Jenson´s, ect....) 
What a blessing it is to serve the Lord. D&C 15:6.
I love all of you!
If you would please include these people in your prayers: Mayra, Imbran, Michael, Noris, and Carlos.
Thank you for your prayers and support. I love you all so much.
A special thanks to cousin Jane for the letter!
I love all of you!

Élder Smiley

No photo from Dave, I will put my own in.  Look at "Little Smiles" on his first 50 miler!!

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