Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Staying in Valencia!!

I stay in Valencia!!! The harvest continues!! (D&C 4)
Another week full of miracles, so many I don´t even know where to start. The normal amount of cancels, but we had so many people come through that it outweighed the bad. That made this week go just so well.
In December Elder Smith and I set the goal of 1 baptism in January thinking of how we had no one at that time that we were teaching. Now as the end of the month is approaching and we have found tons of great people and that Mayra is back on the baptism train and that this week we will accomplish our goal that we had set in complete faith. Boy am I excited. 
Mayra is doing very well and received her answer that the Book of Mormon is true this past week and is doing well.
We began teaching Bernardo, an old Spanish man that was taught about 3 years ago, and even if he is a bit different than the rest he accepts our teaching and accepted a fecha and is reading and praying. He has a fecha on the 7th of February.
Nicolas was a man found on Sunday night after a fired visit and we scheduled a  visit with him yesterday and he is very open and very receptive to all the things that we are teaching him. Elder Smith also led the lesson that we taught Nicolas, and it helped them both a lot.
Even if Elder Smith is pickier than Mark he really is rubbing off on me and I love him a lot. He is growing and growing in confidence in himself and in his teaching. He is a great missionary and a great companion!
Elder Edwards is going to train this next transfer so we will have a newbie in the piso! We are so excited. It is going to be a great transfer!
I will keep you all updated on all the miracles going on in Valencia!
I love all of you and thank you and thank you all for your prayers for me! What a blessing you all are for me!
If you could continue to pray for: Mayra, Bernardo, Nicolaus, Noris and Luis and family.
Love y´all!

Élder Smiley

Elder Smiley & Elder Perkis

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