Monday, January 26, 2015

There is some more "white" in Valencia

What a relief. What a crazy week. People firing. People doing crazy stuff.
1. The baptism. She didn´t want anyone else there except the missionaries and Ricardo. We accepted and went with it because it was her desire. Elder Ward went early in the morning to fill up the font and make sure it would be hot enough for the baptism. When I touched the water I thought it was perfect. When Ricardo got in he said it was burning hot. She put one foot in then screamed. Crap. I went back and turned on the coldest water and there was Ricardo in the font and with his leg was mixing in the cold water. We all had a good laugh about it. It just makes me laugh.
2. Bernardo (Our Spanish man with a fecha) said he would only make it to church for sacrament meeting because he had a military thing to go to. So when sacrament comes around he walks in the chapel in full camo and military get up. That is dedication. He is good. I am growing to love him. He is a good man. I know that he will be a great member.
 Many of you ask me for weird stories that happen to me, well here one comes: 
3. It at the end of night and we were on our way to pass by one more person when this drunk man dressed in a bunny suit starts following us. I wouldn´t have been as scared but just as missionaries we probably can´t hit him so I started getting a bit nervous. We tried to get our distance until we arrived at the house we needed to. They didn´t answer the timbre for a while until he caught up to us. With him breathing down my neck I am touching the doorbell praying that they open. After just a few seconds they answered and we went up. What a strange man.
4.  Not so strange but just made me mad. We are teaching a family and the mom had a sister over. As we started teaching her the sister started screaming at us telling us that she was part of the reformed church and that her sister and family couldn´t meet with us. I tried my best to stay calm but I was so mad at her inside that she would do that. The good sister was saying that she wants to listen to us but the crazy sister was just screaming about what mom and dad had taught them. It was bad until the point came when we just had to leave. It was frustrating.
    Well here we go. Another week in the work of the Lord, I love this work so much. There really is nothing better than what we do. It makes me cry thinking that my time is already ending.
If you all would pray for Mayra, Bernardo and Jaki & Luis that all will be well.
I love these people so much.
Thank y´all for your prayers and love and support!
May God bless you all and may we all be lighthouses to those who need us.
Love y´all!

Élder Smiley
Dave only sent one picture, so I added one of my own.   Dave and other scouts playing"Freeze Out" during a rain storm!!

Another Good Day in Valencia

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