Monday, February 16, 2015

Another action packed week in Valencia, and a funny at Sacrament Meeting!!!

What a week. Some crazy stuff.
I will do funny first.
The family we have been working with came to church this Sunday. (Families are the best. You get the trust of the members when they see you bring a family to church. The members loved them. The family includes, Jaki, and Luis, Mikel (13) and Iker (4)) Sacrament meeting came around and the deacon passed the bread to us and Iker just kept taking it as if it was candy and the deacon had to pull the tray from him to give it to the next person. The water came around and he went for it again but Mikel grabbed his hand and Iker just threw the water all over himself and said ¨I bathed myself!¨. After all that and the priesthood went to their seats Iker asked ¨and the sandwiches?¨ I was dying.
Our friend Emmanuel is progressing very well. He still is as crazy as they come! I just think of Grandpa and Grandma Smiley teaching him. We love our Pakistan friend. He is from Punjab, if there are any questions refer to Grandma and Grandpa Smiley.
We found a family of 7 this past week. 7! They had just moved in right next to Rony and another recent convert family. 
Things are moving very well here. I love being a missionary and I wouldn´t give it up for the world! I am getting very nervous with time ticking as fast as it is but I do know that I am enjoying it and that is why it is going so fast.
I love you all! Thank you for your prayers in my behalf and in behalf of the friends we are teaching. May God bless you all.
Could you continue to pray for Emmanuel, Jaki and Luis, and kids.
Let´s go baptize the world!
A quick side story. I invite all to go and see the video ¨Story of Joseph Millett.¨

¨It´s good to think the Lord knows Elder Smiley¨

Dad, Dave, & Cody on a Turkey Hunt.  (if he knew what happened when he does not send pictures he would start sending them in every e-mail)

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