Monday, February 23, 2015

Typical! Typical! Typical! This is a missionary week!!

What a week, in all sorts of ways! Ups and downs. Crazy and normal.
The beginning of the week was crazy with fired visits and crazy Emmanuel not reading and everything in between. It went pretty much like that until Saturday.
Saturday we had some good visits and found some great people. Sunday no one came to church. Rough. In the afternoon is where we saw the miracles:
1. Adrian. He was contacted on Saturday and was very prepared from the get go. He told us that his Mom was in the hospital and that she had a terminal illness and that he pretty much is always there with her. On Sunday we passed by, taught him the restoration and invited him to be baptized. He accepted our invitation. A very excited man to learn more. I already love him.
2. The members wanted us to come over and eat with them but we stated that it would be better if we could pass by when a non member was there. They told us that they had a couple coming over. The members and their friends were not poor either. They live in almost like a suite in the center of town. Elder Smith said the word posh 5 times after the visit to describe it. It was something new for sure. These friends are very important to them and it means a lot that they trusted us with their friends.
This week we are going to hit the streets and find more people like Adrian, Stiven (Menorca), Manuel (Menorca), Jessica (Bilbao). I will never forget those experiences. These are the experiences that we make every day!
What a blessing it is to wear the saviors name on my chest. There is nothing better. 
If you would please pray for Jaki & Luis, Jaki and her family, and Adrian. They need it. Also that we can find, find, find.
I thank y´all for your prayers in my behalf and in behalf of my friends that are coming to know their savior. I love all of you!

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Soccer Game in Valencia

Valencia Stadium

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