Monday, April 20, 2015

Elder Alder again??? It is a new Elder Alder, what do you expect when they all have the same first name!

My new companion is Elder Alder. I know right. He is from Alabama and is incredible! He says ¨Roll Tide¨ a lot. We get along, roll tide! He is a professional dancer. He used to travel around America dancing on Broadway and what not. He is super focused on the work and ready to go! When I told him we had to write his family last week after having arrived to Sabadell, he told me we had to go to work. He is great! It is wonderful when the trainer has to remind the trainee that we have to write our families. 
Lots of miracles this week. First. We had the privilege to go out with President to visit Salvatore and Monica. They were great visits and it helped them both out so much! I am so excited to see what comes of it!
Monica came to church because of it. She is finally progressing. Boom!
Salvatore is finally clicking. We decided it would be best for him and his girl if we don´t separate them, but wait to be married. This time I would agree and we are going to try and help Marisol understand a little better the restoration and get her on board so that when July rolls around “we be having a marriage double dipper.”
I did catch myself doing something that I warn all of you about. I was teaching the other day and realized I was doing what Elder Smiley thought was best because Elder Smiley had been a missionary for almost 2 years and he knew what needed to happen! I realized that I was being a Nephite missionary. How interesting. What a blessing I caught myself before we had a ¨famine in the land¨.
Everything is going fantastic. I love the mission. Even if it is a bit rough sometimes we keep pushing.
The members are getting the missionary spirit and loving this as much as I do. We should have a couple member references coming up this week. What a blessing the members are!
I love y´all a bunch and I wish the best for all y´all!
If you could please pray for our friends Salvatore, Monica, Joaquin and Andrea. That would be a real blessing!
Thank you for all you do!

Élder Smiley
For some reason he is in a football stance!!

The new Elder Alder

Hands on hips, pose in front of the fountains!

The Smiley squint!!

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