Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cow stomach & Chicken Feet to eat!!! Serve me up some more!

I will start this email with a good theme common to all missionaries. Gross foods! In the last few weeks we have been working on reactivating a sister who lives far from the church and just wants to feed the missionaries. The last two times we have gone we have been blessed with Cow stomach (Elder Alder made the joke that there would be plenty because cows have not only 1 stomach but 4. I almost gagged at the comment) and Chicken feet. The one I got might have still had calluses on them because it was pretty rough. haha
Let´s talk miracles first.. The miracle of the week was Maricarmen. In the morning we knocked 3 doors. One of them answered and said maybe we could come back later. Not much interest but we decided to return later that evening. When we came back and knocked she screamed, ¨¿Quien es?¨ a bit rudely. When Elder Alder said “the missionaries” she ran to the door with alegria (joy) then let us in. She accepted the Book of Mormon, came to church and is preparing to be baptized. One of my first “news” found by door knocking. What a blessing.
Let´s talk about our friends first.
Shirley. A recent convert’s cousin. She came to church. Loved it. A bit nervous to accept a baptism invitation but she loved the church and couldn´t explain how she felt.  (Side note: What a blessing it is that we have the Holy Ghost in our life. I don´t know how miserable I would be if I didn´t have that wonderful gift in my life. That is one of the biggest blessings of helping someone be baptized.) 
Walter and Family. They are all reading the Book of Mormon and loving it. It is a bit rough for them to come to church because of Walter´s work. I sure the heck hope they can continue to progress and have the faith to give up the weekend job for church. I have faith. I love that family. A lot!
Fina. A member reference. I contacted her on an missionary exchange with another missionary and she was kind of like I´m not interested. Then I told her that we were friends of Laura and Montse. After that she was like ¨Say what?!?¨ She loves the Book of Mormon but not a push over by any imagination. She is a bit hesitant to come to church but she´ll get there.
The rest are pretty new and have great potential. Things are looking great! We have set our goals and now we are putting our shoulders the plow and we are not looking back.
It´s time to get to work!
The Lord is hastening his work!
I love all of you and especially my family and am excited to talk with y´all for the last time this mothers day.
Will you please unite with us in prayer for our friends so they can be baptized and confirmed members of the true church.
Love you y´all!
√Člder Smiley

El Faro missionary

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