Monday, May 18, 2015

Things are Great in Barcelona

What a week!
Let´s make this good.
1st experience. On exchanges in Elder Greenwood´s area while we were walking we crossed in a marked cross walk  and I was almost hit by a car. He slammed on his brakes. Knowing me y´all know I have an attitude, so when he almost hit me I stopped in the middle of the street and looked at him then continued, When I started walking they revved the engine and I turned and pointed at the cross walk and said ¨Let´s think about this¨ in Spanish and everyone in the car blew up. I heard every word from a sailor and back at us. You could say that Elder Greenwood and I got out pretty quick.
Maricarmen. What a blessed soul she is. She is progressing so well. Reading and praying. We taught her the word of wisdom and she has a bit of trouble with coffee. I think she´ll get over it quickly. The next time we taught the Law of chastity and y´all knowing me, after a bit of lack of understanding I said ¨Will you not have sex with anyone until marriage?´´ She just stops and says ¨That was direct.¨ After we all laughed, but it was a bit awkward if I don´t say so myself.  She is on fecha for the 30th.
Salvatore has returned from Italy. He is my favorite. Have y´all already received a picture of him? I love him a lot. He´s on point for marriage and baptism. I straight asked him when he got back if he didn´t have these impediments if he would be baptized tomorrow. He said yes.
We found a young Spanish man in a plaza in Barberá on Saturday night. He was playing soccer with his kid. We began to talk about God and how it could bless his family. He expressed how God had abandoned him and how rough his life had been. We talked with him and really helped him. Victor was his name. I could see the light in his eyes and the want he had for the happiness in our eyes.
I gave a talk in church on Sunday about hope. I talked about the dumb hike that Colton, Harley and I did. It was a good talk, probably my favorite I´ve ever given and the most attent the audience had ever been while I was giving a talk.
Today we visited Camp Nou. Barcelona futbol stadium. That was lots of fun especially for us sports lovers. I miss sports a lot!
What a blessed week!
I love all of you!
Would you all unite with me in prayer for our friends that they can make sacred covenants with the Lord!

Élder Smiley

Our miracle this week was Sandra. I contacted a man in our area who then said that he was a member. Of course we were excited. He said he was a R.C. from Barrio 1. As we were talking with him his girlfriend came up and started talking with us. It was her time! She loved what we said and we set up a return visit. She was great and very accepting. Baptism.

Tie is the same as their Crest...must be fate

Dave trying to look like a thug...didn't work!!

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