Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Great things happening in Spain. It will be a White Weekend.

What an interesting week. Stake conference and tons of miracles!
Lot´s of things that reminded me of my family and all they do and did for me.
First of all a counselor of the stake president talked about his kids loving interviews every so often with Dad. I loved PPI’s with paps. It was always a great opportunity to receive the help that I needed that I didn´t think I did.
Thanks paps!
Maricarmen. Boom! She be getting baptized this week! We are definitely excited for that one! Four things about her.
1.She is reading like crazy and loving it. Questions, prayers, everything she is supposed to do. 
2. The ward loves her! She has a billion friends in the ward now and everyone wants to come to her baptism to support her.
3. Omar (A great member that I love) brought her to Stake Conference and  I didn´t think much of it. He got her there early and got her a good seat next to other members that she knew. After he gave her a whole tour of the giant Barcelona stake center. What a great man. I know the Lord will bless her for that.
4. She had a dream where she saw Jesus but when she talked with him he didn´t talk back. So she went and changed into a robe and sandals like him and said  ¨Lord I will follow thee.¨ Baptism!!!!!!!
David. A door knock in the same building as Maricarmen. After our first visit with him we invited him to pray. he began to cry and thanked God for our visit and explained how he only wanted friends. What a huge miracle.
The miracle this week is a strange one. I felt the impression to go talk with a 16 year old Spanish girl who was not dressed appropriately. Usually I avoid those situations but I felt the need. When I began talking with her she showed no interest but I felt the need to insist so i continued talking about my testimony, our beliefs, and what we do. Still nothing. To end I invited her to English class, still nothing. As I walked away the lady next to her said that she had contact with the missionaries prior and loved English class. She accepted a return visit then loved the message. What a strange miracle.
Blessings. Obedience and companionship unity.
President came up to me and Elder Alder and said ¨You know why you two are seeing success? Because you are not the same person, actually extremely different but you are working together.¨
This weekend there will be 3 baptisms in the Sabadell Chapel. Boom!
Please pray for Maricarmen, Salvatore, Walter and Family, and David.
Love you all!

Élder Smiley
Joaquin and Andrea.

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