Monday, November 7, 2016

One bad week, one great week, now for the normal boring week. Oh how a mission mimics real life!!

This week was kind of boring.

We were dropped by two investigators, but the good part is I didn’t like them anyway.   They were saying “the book of mormon isnt true”, so we asked “Are you reading the book of Mormon? and they said no. We would just smack our heads, my gosh they were frustrating!!!

Last Monday it was Elder Garcia’s birthday. Elder Garcia is the ZL here and my trainer’s trainer the transfer before me.  A tradition here is you shove the birthday person’s face into a cake.   You will see it in the video.

Let me tell you about Isaac (he is my absolute favorite person in Aguas)  He does not want to listen to the gospel, but he is still the funniest guy in the world. Every time we see each other we shake hands and say "Perfect" to each other and it is my fave!
Without Isaac Duilio I would hate my area soooo much

Just kidding about the video,  I cant send pics, so next week!

We had one investigator go to church this week and during the lesson the teacher asked our investigator if god can answer prayers. Our investigator said no.   so that was pretty embarrassing. 
We have new rules in our area now and we cannot play anything with physical activity and so today I played Monopoly. Ya, it is coming down to playing Monopoly. But I won so thats great!!!!

I love hearing about my friends good experiences and hearing about Renn and Nicky and Kate and Cody and Fox and Mason, that is just the greatest!!!!!!!!!!

Prayer list:
Elder Smiley: he can learn Spanish faster
Duilio Isaac: We can teach them!!!
Leopoldina and Jiserla: Attend church with us
Irma: Pray and ask to see if the church is true (which it is)

Thank you everyone for praying for me here in Mexico!!!! Love all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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