Monday, January 2, 2017

This week was by far the greatest week in the mission!!

First off we have the Familia Marine {less actives} but have a 9 year old and a 11 year old.  When we met them they said they would love to get baptized as soon as possible!!!!!!  Obviously we were not going to just take them to the font that fast, we need to teach them!  We invited them to be baptized 14 of January.  They both said yes!!!!!!!  Later we were talking details with the family and Luis walks out with a jar of candy and says and I quote "Elder Smiley yo quiero usted bautizarme" It was the absolutely best thing in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!  So hopefully we can have a baptism on the 14 of January!!  I love kids like Luis, and I just love the Familia Marine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Elias (old leader of my district) and his companion had a  bad experience with security in his area so he and his companion left the area!!!!!!!  Elder Magaña gets a call from the zone leaders and says he is the new Leader of the District!!

Elder Paniagua and his trainee are opening a new area.  So they had to choose a house to live in.  Out of 3 houses, he chooses to live with Elder Magaña and I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We have suit cases everywhere in the house, no room and one bathroom.  It is literally the greatest thing to live with another companionship. My gosh, I love it to death!!!!!!!!! We joke around, we shoot each other with nerf guns, we joke around, it is literally the best thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got the THREE packages you guys sent me.  I love every single thing you sent me.  They greatest things in the world!!!!  A lot of other Elders were really jealous because they were not able to receive Christmas packages.  They looked at the ties and just went wow!!!!!!!!!!  So I said choose one.  It was so cool to see their reaction like " Wait! What?  Are you really serious?"  It was soooo funny and great to give them those things!!!!!!!!! 

On New Years Eve we spent the day at the house of Hermana Paty.  I had my package and gave everyone a toy to build or play with.  I am pretty sure you guys made my District's night.  They had such a great time playing with everything it was so cool to see everyone play and build everything.  It was sad that I could not build the Lego men but Elder Paniagua built the tank from Rogue one,  Hermana Pareres and Elder Sandoval built the storm trooper.  It was just the greatest thing in the world to see everyone’s faces and hear everyone’s laughs about my toys!!

In the house we always shoot each other with the nerf guns it is the greatest ever!!!!!! 

I love the stance socks to death oh my gosh it was literally the greatest ever!!!!!!!!!!!!  

I love the calendar oh my gosh it is the coolest calendar I have seen.  My district loved looking at you guys and the things we did!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out this video of Cody having a Nerf War with the Marine family.

Marine family, less active, but has the 9 yr old and the  12 yr old who want to be baptized.

I think I see 5 white Americanos in this zone photo!!

Smiley family christmas tradition, nerf gun wars 7 Legos.  Cody carried that down to Mexico!!

This is the jar of candy!!

We sent cody some clothes, he decided he did not need them all and gave a bunch away!!

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