Monday, January 30, 2017

Playing basketball is the "Lord's Work"

This week was a little better but not way better!!!!!

We were out contacting one day and found a guy playing basketball.  So, I went over and talked to him.  He said, “Piss off Mormons! I do not want to talk to you!”  Then I said, “Ok, if I beat you in a game then you have to listen to us.”  He said, “You could try.”  I destroyed him in basketball.  Now, from that game we have 10 new investigators (his friends) and he has a baptismal date.  We played with Luis (the investigator with the fecha) again and talked to his friends and have more investigators!!!!!!!

It was like 60 degrees here and everyone is in layers and layers of clothes and I was just chillin in my short sleeve with my mesh garments!!!!!!  

I got the biggest blisters and blood blisters on both of my feet from playing basketball and soccer!!!  Hermana Hernandez (wife of the president) told me that I couldn’t walk for a little while to let it get a little better.  I laughed and worked for the next few days.  Proved her wrong huh!!!!!!!!!!

I was a little upset about missing Mark’s birthday.  Elder De La Cruz was too!

Sorry that this is such a short email but I have freaking 54 emails to read!!
           {Mom asked a bunch of people to send him pictures this week, and what a 
             response she got.  Now Cody has all sorts of pictures to look at.}

I am trying to find some stuff that says Aguascalientes to send to you.

President Hernandez said that we could have iPods so I’ve been saving for one and I finally bought one this week, that was the money that you saw go out of my account.  I did not want to just buy a dorky one to have one,  so I waited and got the one I wanted when I thought I could afford it.  We can listen to quite a variety of music, and can watch several Mormon movies, Best Two Years, Meet the Mormons, etc, etc. 

Hahaha funny story!!!!!!!!!  So, I needed street shoes.  I wanted some just like my companion’s shoes.  So, on Monday we went shopping and he found these shoes that he wanted.  So, I said,  “Ok I’ll buy these new shoes for you, then I get your old ones.”

I hope you have a lot of websites and stuff for clothes for me when I get back because I have a feeling my first few weeks being home I will be walking around in my garments!

-Elder Smiley

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