Monday, April 3, 2017

Better week this week, and a new investigator...those things go hand in hand!!


This week was pretty funny and good!!!!

First a drunk guy came up to me and started to scream at me and said teach me the word of god! 
So Elder Guerrero started to teach him and I just started to laugh and said ya we need to go Elder!

Hey I need fotos!! I keep trying to find a place that I can send some to you, but it is so hard! 

GOOD NEWS!!! Johnathan got baptized! You guys do not know him but he was an investigator who asked me to baptize him, but I transferred.  He started to cry when I said I was leaving! 

MORE GOOD NEWS!!!!! Family Marine got callings in the church, they are primary teachers!! 

Watching priesthood and general conference was a little tough not to be home sick!!! Pizza Factory after priesthood! Mile high roles in the morning, freak! 

After the first session of conference a sister came up to me and said Elder your companion slept during conference!!!! I responded man that is just great!!!!!! She said why????? I said did you hear President Uchtorf, the best sleep is church sleep!!!!!!! She was kind of mad at me after JAJAJAJAJA.

Hermana Nicholas will return from here!!!! She lives in Ogden. I will tell her to visit you guys!! 


I am trying to send your package to Utah, so just be patient please!

I love you so much!! You have no idea! I have learned so much stuff from you I cannot tell you!!!!!!!

Package from Home

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