Thursday, April 20, 2017

Sounds like the Cody we all know and love again.

How are you guys doing??? Not much mail so I am guessing normal.

Well there were changes in the mission here in Aguascalientes!!!! I do not know if they will be good or bad though!!!! So we will not have zone meeting only zone conferences 6 hours every change with the President!!!!!

I freaking love my trio of hermanas in my district. They are my favorite, we are like best friends!!!!!!!! They even laugh at my jokes!!!!!!!! So my district is pretty awesome!!!!

Some person ran my foot over and did not stop or anything just honked at me and cursed at me!!!!

BYU Idaho was in Aguascalientes and performed a concert and all of the missionaries and members were there I saw Johnathan and all the people from my other area it was fantastic to see everyone!!!!!!!!

So with all of the success that my companion and I have had we started to visit members to win there confidence and in 3 weeks we finally got it!!!!!! One hermana came up to us and said Elders I have people for you guys to visit!!!! They are expecting you guys on Friday with me so we need to go!!!!! We also received 2 more from a family so that was really great!!!!!!!!

Missionaries can't resist photos of the local flavor

No more bicycles in his mission!!

Elder Magana with the quilt Chris sent him.  

Jonathon gets baptized in Cody's old area.  

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