Monday, April 10, 2017

Strep throat, and a couple of new investigators!!

Well I finally know what I have....... I have strep!
Hermana Hernandez had her husband call me and send me to the hospital! You can never say no to the President, so I gave in and left.
The doctor looked down my throat, and did not even need the flashlight!  
I opened my mouth and she said HO.
I said is it bad?
She said it was the worst throat she has ever seen.
I asked her how many throats she has seen
Uummm Elder “Smilie”, I am a throat doctor I have seen too many.
Then she asked me how have you been able to speak eat and drink? 
I told her it has been tough. 

Transfers were this week and Elder Gurrero and I are staying in Pabellon.  I do not know if I am happy or sad, but we will work through this!!!! 
We worked really hard this week when I could.  Hermana Hernandez commanded me to stay in the house for a day.  When we did get outside it was like nuts!! less actives, members, and the investigators we have it was really great!!!!!  

In my district I now have a trio of hermanas and I have two really great zone leaders!!!!!!!!! We will see how this change goes!!!!!!!!! I hope it will go well!!!!!!

We found two new investigators. I do not know what will happen with them but we will see!!

Still finding Ford trucks to admire!!!

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