Monday, May 29, 2017

San Luis Potosi is a great place to be!

Kalli went to the CCM!! I want her email!!

San Luis Potosì is literally the coolest place ever! 
My area is cool we have a fecha on June 24 and it is a kid!!! I just have a thing for baptizing kids!!!!!!!!!
Elder Moreno and I have seen all the same kind of stuff on our missions.  We always joke around!!!!!!
Literally a catòlico rejected us and he said “Those racist catòlicos” and I just died!  Another!!!!! We ate with an American family here, and we were cooking tortillas.  Basic Mexican food, and right in the middle of doing them Elder Moreno said
 “I do not know what I am doing!”  The family and I just died laughing!!
oh my gosh it was great!
As a Zone we always play sports on P days, and it is the coolest thing ever!
 I love it here soooooo much, it is the coolest!!! 

Our area us huge it is very hard to learn, but at the same time it is very cool

Prayer list! Wow, thats new!  Been a while.

Jeneate: continue to listen to us!!!!!!

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