Friday, May 12, 2017

Things are running like normal in Aguascalientes

Well this week was a really funny week!!!!!

Elder Guerrero and I are finally friendly enough we just joke about different people we see now jajajaja!!!!!
I had to use the bathroom way bad one day...... We were very far from the house and Elder Guerrero said “There is paper in that garbage can, go over there.” I responded and said no way dude. Later we walked over there and there was paper. After he said “Ya it is called revelation Elder”

Elder Guerrero said to me “Elder I am sick of talking to people this does not work.” 
In response I asked ok what do you want to do Elder?  We need investigators and if you can think of a better way to do this I am open to ideas!!!!!! He said I want to touch doors!!!! I said that does not work but if we try that will you be quiet??? He responded and said yes!!!!! I said guide me so we can waste the day!!!! The first three doors we touched were new lessons and new investigators!!!!!! Elder Guerrero has learned how to be humble so he did not say anything.  I said Elder why did you not tell me this before (as a joke) he just laughed and said shut up!!! 

Sorry do not have time I hope you like the pics!!! See you Sunday, well the fam,


Lupita y su familia

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