Monday, May 22, 2017

It is time for Transfers!

Well changes were this week and guess what???? I am in San Luis Potosi!!! I am with Elder Moreno!!!!! I am the junior companion. That was a shock to all of the mission, that I am a companion menor.  Everyone thought that I was going with Elder Can as a leader of the zone but no! Everyone, and I mean everyone, was just so surprised!  Elder Moreno must have something to teach me.   

With Elder Guerrero we had a very funny week!! Elder G bought a little water bottle and so he said he needed water.  I told him that if he can contact someone asking for water I would give him 5 pesos. The next house he touched, and asked and got a new investigator..... I died laughing at that!!!!!!

Elder Moreno is so cool!!!! He said we have 1 investigator with a fecha and 4 progressing big time so we will see how well this goes!!!!!!!! Our house is hilarious, see photos, but I will love it here.

Thank you for doing better with your emails about sports and everything!!!!!!

I did have to say bye to Hermana Lopez...... That was one of the hardest thing I have done in a long time!!!!!!

I also said bye to Hermana Cruz.... She is by far the coolest girl I have ever met, and she has changed a lot of stuff that I thought about women!!!!

Love Hermanas!!!

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