Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013

We had Zone conference this week and it was legendary! Presidente Pace brought the fire. He is just the best there is. He talked about locking our hearts, getting to work, how not everyone you meet on the street and accepts a return visit isn´t going to just jump in the water. As much as I already knew that I still hoped that that was true. haha I really need to use the book of mormon more and I already use it a ton but after hearing all of this I don´t think it´s possible to use it too much. The Book of mormon is the greatest thing ever!!! It is the greatest thing we have to do do the greatest thing which is to BAPTIZE! We are here to baptize! We found a couple non member, less active, recent converts that love us so much and  are just throwing there friends at us. I just hope we can visit all of them and of course baptize all of them! 
The 24th of september is the day of Santa Cruz. We have a lot of members from Bolivia and so we organized a little party and got so many people to come and bring friends. Now we have to turn them into investigators! So we can baptize them! We had a mountain of food with things I hope I never have to eat again and also things that I could probably eat for the rest of my life. 
We got a new ward mission leader and he is a lion. That is my only word that I can describe him with. Lion. We had our first correlation and he says our goal is to get 60 more members in this ward so we can split by 2013. I am going to do this but I need missionaries to do it. Holy. I am pumped. He wants us to baptize all of Bilbao! He has already got us a huge list of less actives (Gold Mines). We had a meeting for the 5th Domingo about missionary work and I think people were getting pumped up. I´m getting all fired up right now! We made some invitations for general conference and they are legendary. We are ready to get those to every single person in Bilbao. We don´t get the last session though on sunday which is a little disapointing but life goes on. I think we have the opportunity to watch them in English but I think I´m going to go for one in Spanish. Being bold and a little crazy! Right now we are just trying to get all of our investigators crazy excited about it. 
We have been trying to do new things for contacting and talking to new people and it has been going well but we do need to find new ways. We went and cooked "American food" for a less active family this past week and they loved it. We had burgers and brownies and they were in heaven! Saturday I don´t know if I had talked to that many people in my whole mission. Our goal was to get 6 in church and we went to every investigator, every antiguo investigator, every person on the street. It was something else. We only ended up with 2 but they were my favorite 2 and I know one of them is going to be baptized. A giant problem is that people for one reason or another can´t get married or just choose not to and move in together and start a family. I just want all of them to get married so we can baptize them! 
I love thinking about the stories that dad told us and seeing how they all really are like that. Another thing I´ve realized really fast is that you HAVE to have fun. Find fun in the little things. Be Christlike but have fun and enjoy every opportunity you have. It´s work but I love it. Tell Kim  that I would much rather be here than bricking churches. haha 
Funny things: We have 2 showers in our Piso and one of them screams everytime you turn it on and the past few mornings Elder Archibald would scream with it but scream "BAPTISM!!!!!!" I love it so much! Everything we talk about in Piso is Baptism. It´s what it all comes down to. 
Elder Ward has consumed 20 pieces of toast in the past 24 hours. wow this is getting saucy. He just eats for days and the Elder loves his toast.
Mom do you know any recipes that would be cheap in simple because pasta and rice are really racking up the "getting old" scale.
I love all of you and thank you so much! Keep up the prayers because I´m feeling ´em! Thank you for your letters. I don´t know if i thanked Uncle Scott for his letter so thanks so much it was a nice curveball in the stack from Mom. Also I met an hermana Fuller who says she knows you all and loves you all. 
Keep sending pictures. That is the highlight of my preperation day. 
Love you all and good General conference weekend! 
By the way Lance I cook my own food. I´m a boss, Chef Smiley!

Elder Sonrisas

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