Monday, December 2, 2013

Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore!!

I am not in Bilbao anymore! Everything is different in every form. I don´t even know what to say. My companion is different. It is colder than Bilbao. There are 2 nativos in our piso. Everything is different. The island is bumping crazy in the summer with everyone, but during the winter there are not many people here and lots of people are out of work or just leave the island. It´s almost as if the island is dead. No one is happy here! There are lot´s of churches here and the people that stay for the winter have their church and they are usually not willing to change. I know I´m making it seem bad, but it really is. I am still positive and want to show the island some life. It´s pretty funny when people see you with a smile. It´s almost like a surprise to them. It is just super different.

Our church here is in Maó. There are approximately 8 active members. 2 of them live here in Maó. The rest live really far away and have to drive to church because the bus system is awful here in the winter. It is very different here.
We did see a miracle. We passed by a menos activo and found the rest of her family who want to come to church, like the Book of Mormon and (inferred on my part) want to be baptized! We have 2 fechas and they are looking super good we’ve just got to put them in the water in 2 weeks. That is all I really want for Christmas! 2 baptisms. Not for me, but for this branch. This branch has not seen any success in missionary work for way too long. We need to change it hard.

Don´t worry about the package there isn´t anyone you could send it to. I will work on those photos but we really don´t have much time so have patience with me. Sounds like Thanksgiving was good!  That is fantastic! It will just be easier if you send letters to the mission home. It will be easier for everyone. Thanks so much. This is going to be a building moment and the “trial of my faith” part of my mission. I am really excited. My companion and I have different ideas and so we will see. Love you! Can you pray for the greenie. He won´t forget his girlfriend and he is having a tough time. Thanks!!!

I love you all and thank you for your support and prayers. I am really going to need them here. Thanks for all you do for me. We just got to baptize!!!

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