Monday, December 30, 2013


This week was a tough one for the numbers. Everyone wanted their own time for Christmas. It was a little tough at times, but we are seeing miracles in the contacts and in the futures. We are going to see miracles with all of them, but right now it´s super hard to talk to anyone because of  the festivities.
Manuel is looking good. He is hurting super bad right now. He has been going to the hospital a couple times a week and it´s not looking to swift. He hasn´t found much time to read the Libro de Mormon so I am super scared right now. We are going to see him tomorrow, but totally we are just praying like crazy right now for him! 
Fernando: We lost complete contact with him this week. It was the scariest thing ever!!! I almost died. I called him Sunday during church and he finally answered. We saw him on the street and he acted like nothing had happened. I am a little scared. He just has to read!   The Book of Mormon is incredible!!!
Our family is super busy with all the festivities, but I think we are going to get back on the train this week and get working with them. I want to baptize a family so bad! This branch needs families!!!! They will come with time, but I am so impatient I could die!
We have got this crazy Menorquin and he drinks wine and the works but he likes listening to us and loves reading the Book of Mormon and loves coming to church. He is one of a kind! He will be baptized here soon. I am so excited!!
Right before we came back to talk to y´all for Christmas we were contacting on the street there was a storm and it was the worst. I was just going as hard as I could to get through that day.  Time for a miracle! Our ward mission leader’s best friend stopped us and invited us into his house and we ate and chatted and I think we are going to have another family in our investigator pool!!!! I am so excited!!! 
I am trying to think of goals that I can make for this year to help me baptize more. If y´all have any suggestions please shoot them my way.
Thanks for your prayers and thanks for talking with me on Christmas. It made this time a lot easier for me. I love you all!!!

Prayer List
1.Fernando. Come to church. Read the book of Mormon.
2. Manuel. He can feel better. He can read the book of Mormon. Understand baptism. His family can be ok with all of it.
3. Margarita, Pedro, Rene. The family can read, pray, and come to church juntos and be baptized here in January. They can find more time to see us in January.
4. Antonio (mission leader’s friend) Steve can talk to him. We can start the discussions. They can be baptized.
5. Veronica. She can understand the authority that only this church has. She can read the book of Mormon. Baptized here in Menorca.

I love all of you!!!!

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