Monday, December 9, 2013


I pretty much used all my time sending those pictures but I can answer some questions. Our Piso is Elder Alder and myself, Elder Vargas (who has the most time here at 9 months, and is our district leader) and he is training Elder Nath (another native)(he is having a hard time giving up his girl & family)  Mark and Cody, Girls stink! WE JUST GOT TO BAPTIZE!!!
My spanish is incredible (I know, humble right). I can start a conversation and talk with almost anyone and understand and talk about weird things that are not missionary vocabulary. That really is all thanks to the nativos. They help me get my 5 words every day by mid day. It is incredible!
We are actually trying to serve the people and it is helping us out a bunch! It is hard to serve the members because everyone but 2 members live too far to walk to, and we would have  to take a bus and use up almost half the day and skip food and language study. It is a whole different style of missionary work here. 
I am so fired up for Christmas!!! We are seeing so many Christmas miracles. It is truly incredible. We are in the process of getting permission to have a baptism on Christmas. I hope the zone leaders say yes. I am so excited!! We got 2 of our best investigators to come to church. The whole ward got fired up!! We just got a ward mission leader who is from America and is a fire ball!!! I´m fired up!!! Holy Crap!!!!!!!!! Miracle.
I said hi to a man here in the internet cafe and he said he was looking for our church and wanted to know when he could see us. It was incredible. Well I used up all my time sending photos so I will talk to you all next week. I love you all. 
Prayer list
1. Manuel Come to the church 1 more and be baptized on the 21st or Christmas.
2. Pedro, Margarita, and Renee. Come to church, listen to the discussions. Be baptized on Christmas. Reactivate their less active mother
3. Susana & Oswaldo. They need to be baptized in Diciembre

Dad I got your dream to be in a piso with nativos so we have to speak spanish. It´s a dream come true. 

Love you all!!! Thanks so much for your prayers and packages and letters. The whole ward is jealous of the packages. It is so funny. I love you all so much!!! Thanks for the support.

Christmas tree in Bilbao

My new companion, Elder Alder

4 Missionaries and the Branch in Menorca

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