Monday, April 21, 2014

Just a regular week on the Island

This week was hard because we could not baptize because of this conference that we went to in Palma, but it doesn´t matter we´ll just keep moving forward. We worked like crazy this week for the little time we had in our area.
Here is the answer your question of the similarity of Easter between here and there? Not a thing! Everyone is Catholic and they get the whole week off of work and school. Then they all dress up like KKK people and hold up these scary images of saints and statues. It is super dark and scary! That is why we have been talking about how OUR church remembers Christ. It is a lot different, and it is also the purpose of the video #BecauseOfHim.  It was incredible! 
I had my interview this week and he said that I might stay even longer here in Menorca to keep the stability in the branch. I might be here on this rock for 7 1/2 months. Crazy!!!! He said that I should see this branch continue to grow. I´m not sure how I feel about it right now, but we´ll keep moving with it.
Then we listened to Elder Evans who scared me. He said that the time of contacting and door knocking is almost dead. I am looking at my tiny branch that is just coming back to life, and thinking that I can only go through them? This is something else! I don´t know how I feel about it, but we´ll keep going.
I thought it would be good to tell y´all how much we quote star wars. It is super funny. When we call one or the other we call each other gold leader and blue leader. When something good happens we say ¨transport 2 is away¨ I get a kick out of it!

We are just hoping for some big miracles! We are hoping for a “triple dipper” this weekend!!! Prayer list and Baptismal Dates:

26. Manuel, Mathew and Jonathon!
3. Sole.
10. Deya.

It is just going crazy here in Menorca!!! We need your prayers!!! Please and thank you!! I love all of you!!!!

Archeological wonderland Gramps!!  Over 2500 years old
Meditating in the Temple!!!

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