Monday, April 14, 2014

Missionary Setbacks...

This week was super hard to be disappointed with all the miracles that have happened but we hit some bad news. The family of 5 we are teaching is not married. It hit us like a blind sided linebacker. I didn´t even think about it. Everyone wants to be baptized still, but the husband has had a super bad experience with marriage in the past and now he doesn´t want to be married. You can see it in the eyes of the rest of the family how much it hurts. It was a heart breaker for Elder Ponce more than it was for me. I am honestly not sure what to think. It has been blocking my capacity to think for the whole weekend. I don´t know if God wants us to baptize the kids then wait for the parents, or have a family baptism in a few weeks if/when the father comes around. If you could pray for me to receive the revelation to know what to do with that. 
Now to good news. Manuel wants to be baptized! After a visit with President Pace and reading 85 gosh dang pages in the Book of Mormon he said it´s time. The man is a champion and Satan is attacking him from all sides but he is just pushing through. I really do love him. He is one of them, the people that I was supposed to come to Menorca and baptize. I am sure of it!
The mother of a less active wants to be baptized. All she needs is her answer and she is down in the water. I am very excited for that baptism!
We have been talking with the mother of Jose and she wants it. I haven´t heard it out of her mouth but she wants the church bad. She has been through a lot and she needs it. I am super excited to start with her.
The same member brought another friend to church and we have started teaching him and he loved General Conference and is already reading the Book of Mormon.
Oh it was transfers week and Elder Vargas left and Elder Neumiller is training too.   There is a lot of young blood here on the isla. 
I was talking with Elder Neumiller the other day after telling him about how much the Lord has blessed us with all these miracles, and he told me that he remembered all the nights I came home with Elder Alder and asked ¨I don´t know what I am going to do?¨ He said the Lord is paying off his debt for all the hard times that have passed.

We´re going hard into April and we are hoping for some serious miracles and I really need your prayers this month because this is the do or die month for Menorca. This is the ¨warm before the storm¨ (like dad would say). We´ve got to baptize everyone!

Prayer list:
1. Alexander and Mariana. Marriage and Baptism
2. Darwin, Deya, Mathew. Kids of Alexander and Mariana   Baptism
3. Rofina. Keep reading and praying and understand her answer from God. 19th.
4. Manuel. Keep reading and praying. Baptism 26th.
5. Soly. Accept baptismal date. Find time to see us. Follow her son.
6. Jonaton. Read. pray. be baptized. Accept a date.

I love and pray for all of you! I thank you for your prayers and support. Let´s go baptize the world!

√Člder Smiley

Go baptize someone today

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