Monday, April 14, 2014

Not much of a setback! Look at the day the 26th will be!!!!

First things first. BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was great! Another baptism in Menorca!!! Darwin is the kid of the family that we found. The whole branch is getting fired up!!! The whole mission has heard about what is happening in Menorca. We have even heard word from other parts of Europe about what is happening here in Menorca. It is great!
Mom maybe you have seen this before in the catholic church but everyone dresses up like the KKK and walks around the street with their images and shrines. It is disgusting. It happened last night and the whole town was just going crazy about this thing. It made me sick.
Another thing to put into perspective. I was talking to one of our best members Alejandra about where she works and what she does and she told me she works in a hotel tourist thing where she helps people in her hotel get to their destinations and cleans all the rooms for this hotel. I was thinking about all the times we were in Mexico or in California and the cleaning lady, just the humble lady she is, could be the strongest member in her branch or ward. The next time we go traveling I am going to think about that.
For the baptism what did the family cook for us. They cooked Shrimp and clams! I just thought about the story of Dad and the octupus and I choked that stuff down. It was great. We sure did have a good laugh about it in piso after.
Manuel bore his testimony in church yesterday and said that he now knows after all this time that it´s all true! The Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, Everything!
Darwin also bore his testimony in testimony meeting and invited everyone that is not baptized to be baptized ASAP. He said how great his was and he wants everyone else to have it too.
This week another 70 is coming to the mission. Elder Evans! We are super excited especially because he is only coming to the islands! It is great!
For the most part it has just been great. The branch is growing. People are moving around. People want to be baptized. IT is great!

Prayer list:
Manuel. Baptized the 26th. His date was the 26th. Sorry for not explaining that.
Mathew and Deya. Baptized the 26th. Brother & Sister to Darwin
Jonathon. Baptized the 26th.
Rufina and the tribe. Figure out the marriage issue and be baptized.
Alexander and Mariana. Married then baptized.

I love you all and thank you all for your help and your prayers. I feel your love and your support. Let´s go baptize the world!

√Člder Smiley

Alexander & Mariana, Deya & Mathew, and Darwin in White

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