Monday, April 28, 2014

"DOUBLE DIPPER" on Saturday ..... Chance for a "TRIFECTA OF WHITE" next Saturday

BAPTISM!!!!!!!! BAPTISM!!!!!! Did I say that two times?
Oh because (In the words of Elder Wilkinson and Archibald) we had a double dipper!!!! It was incredible!!!! Wooohooooooo!!! Manuel went down down down!!!! In fact he asked me to baptize him and I got to baptize him forward because he couldn´t bend back. It was incredible!!!!
Jonathan was so excited to get baptized when we went to go pick him up he screamed back to his Mom and the other kids ¨Today I´m getting baptized!!!!¨ All the kids looked at him as he ran towards us and then to the church.
Church is going great. We had 40 people in church. I was talking to president after and he told me that last year the normal was 7 or 9 people in the church and a big group was 15 or something like that. Now the average is about 35 to 40. He said that we have worked our butt´s off and he is super pumped where this is going.
Another thing. Summer attendance! I think that most of the members have made situations possible to not work on Sunday, but if they have to work they can work in the afternoon. Miracles. Miracles. Miracles. The best part is that all of Elder Ponce and I´s converts come every week. It is the best! Stiven is already preparing for the Melckezidek (sue me) Priesthood. Mira

We also had a huge branch activity where we went to Es Grau. Beautiful!! Everyone loved it and it got a lot of people out that we can´t usually talk to.
The best story was last night this weird man wanted to talk to me alone and Alexander (remember he is the unmarried man with the kids baptized) was with me.   I didn´t understand a lot of what the weird man said, probably for the better, but Alexander said back to the man that if he messes with me that he will be in for a fist fight with him. haha
Then this lady who was an old investigator wanted to give us our Book of Mormon back and Alexander told her off. Said that we as missionaries are here for our salvation and this is how she treats us. It was super cool.
We are just seeing miracles and baptisms! I love it!
Prayer list.
Sole. Baptism this Saturday, the 3rd.
Deya and Mathew(wanted to wait for his sister). baptized the 10th. They can have a lot more dedication!
That we can find new investigators!!!!!! we need them

I love all of you and thank you for your prayers. I feel your love and support! Let´s go baptize the world!!!

Manuel's Baptism!!  Dave & Manuel got along so well he is sure that this is someone that he promised that he would find and share the gospel with!  What else would an old man and a young buck have in common??

Branch Activity


The Smiley Family went to SLC yesterday to hear Dave's trainer give his homecoming talk.  {the above mentioned Elder Wilkinson} It was an absolute blast!  He hunted him down before the meeting and introduced ourselves.  He lit up like a Christmas tree.  He saw Mark sporting a great big  smile and then commented that he smiled just like Elder Smiley.  

He had a story about training Smiles that he was planning to share, but since he knew we were there, he spent an inordinate amount of time introducing everyone to his favorite companion, Elder Smiley.   

Parent's Payday:  He mentioned that he was learning from Elder Smiley right from the first day of his mission!  On Dave's first day in the mission field they came back from "finding" and were doing some daily planning when Dave said to his trainer    "My Dad went to Japan {Elder Wilkinson remembered my mission location} and it changed his life, he is always talking about his mission.  My mission will be the most important thing that I do in my like, lets make it a good one." 

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