Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Great letter, and you can tell that he is becoming an "old" missionary

We had 4 big things I would like to tell you this week.

#1       Ania was baptized this last week. It was a beautiful baptism. Because she technically lives in Elder Wilson’s area I did the interview, and she was just so prepared. It was just incredible! It was wonderful to see the change in her from that Sunday that she came to church a month ago. In the end she talked to her parents and they said “We respect and love you Ania, but we do not support you.” It was hard for her but she said that she knew this is what she had to do and this is what she would do. A great blessing!

#2       We had a stake meeting in Vitoria on Saturday so all the youth from the whole stake in North Spain came. As I was standing outside waiting for some of our members to come Jessica came. She just screams ¨Elder Smiley!!¨ It was good to talk to her for a few minutes. It was incredible to see that she is preparing for a mission. To see her excitement made me excited and reminded me of the girl in short shorts and a belly shirt smoking in a park just 1 year ago.

#3       As we went to Barcelona for our meeting and was talking to the leaders of the Islands and they told me that in the district conference Manuel received the Melchizedek priesthood. We had a great time talking about him. He is still Manuel, but just that now he has the priesthood and power of God.

#4       The last one is that I was talking to President Pace and we were talking about my new companion and just what was kind of going on. After a little while he invited me in his office and pulled up the letters that all us missionaries write to him.  He clicked on one from Elder Ponce. He read it out loud and it made me cry a little. He said ¨Now I understand what Elder Smiley had to do to put up with a new missionary that thinks that he knows everything, etc.¨ He went on and on complimenting me about how well I trained him. It really made me remember all the sacrifice and patience that I did and learned training him and all the miracles that came because of it. How beautiful it was.

Please just pray that we can find new investigators. We are running with few right now. Thank you!

I love and thank all of you! I hope that everyone of you can have angels to help and guide you. I thank you for your prayers in my behalf and the missionary work here in Vitoria. You are all the best and I love you!

Élder Smiley
"You look good in White!"

The two Zone Leaders and their new Greenbeans!!!

Taking in the sights in Northern Spain

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