Monday, September 22, 2014

I like getting these kind of letters

(I hope all noticed that I tried to take lot´s of pictures)
It was a hard week just because I was out of town for a 2 full days. That is a shot to the numbers.
So everyone knows I will be training Elder Ganowsky. He is a gangster!!!! He is from Dixie and just a stallion. He is just so ready to baptize everyone.
Let´s talk miracles:
The first day back we just set out doing pass bys and talking with everyone.  An old Spanish lady that Elder Ganowsky contacted said she would like to listen to us. She liked what we said, then accepted the Book of Mormon. This was all taking place on a bench. As we are finishing up the lesson, an old contact of mine came and said that when we could that we should go to his piso and teach him. Almost dumbfounded I fumbled out yes. We finished the lesson with the lady and went up to the man’s piso. He loved it. He had lots of good questions and we answered them all pretty well and he liked it. We even got to visit him another time on Saturday night and he came to church after a simple invite from Elder Ganowsky and the recent convert of the Hermana´s.
After church we went to passby a couple people and we saw massive miracles! We found a family right there on the street that agreed to talk to us right then and there on a bench, such a great miracle. It is so incredible!!! Everyone is just saying yes!!! People on the street, members agreeing to help us, old investigators willing to listen to the lessons again. I love it because Elder Ganowsky is probably thinking “This is the norm, we just always see huge success and miracles.”
I hope that we can help him to continue to believe that it is simply just tons of baptisms here in this mission.
This Friday is the baptism of Ania. Thank you for all your support and prayers. It has been an incredible experience to have helped her, teach her, and watch the conversion. She has even talked to her parents, and they said they don´t support her but they won´t abandon her. They will respect her decision though. I love baptisms.
If you could pray for the few investigators we have right now and that we can find many more in the weeks to come.
Fabian. Accept a fecha. Read, invite his family to listen.
Juan Carlos and Luisa. Accept a fecha. Read. Pray.
Find. Find. Find. 
Thank you for your prayers and love and support! Let´s go baptize the world!!!!

Dave and his new Greenbean straight form the states!!

Dave and his first Greenbean, Elder Ponce in the middle, and now Elder Ponce's first Greenbean
Élder Smiley

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