Monday, September 8, 2014

Life is Good in the Vitoria Zone!! Mission time flies by, even for Mom & Dad, when the letters look like this!!

Imma goin’ to keep it short this week!
Huge miracles! Everyone remember Ania? This week she got her answer!!!! She knows it´s all true. She just needs a few more chats and boom. Huge miracle!
We are super excited for what is happening. It was kind of a hard week but we saw huge miracles in finding this week. We found a family of 5. Finally. Elder Polansky and I contacted them about 3 weeks ago and we finally got around to visit them. .
We found the friend of a less active lady. We were sitting outside a less active member´s house on a bench. We didn´t know exactly what we were going to do or where to go for the next half hour until our next visit. A lady was sitting there waiting a bit at the door next to the street. We went to go contact her right when the less active lady came out. We started talking to the two and the less active lady still doesn´t want to come back but her friend had super good questions and wanted to listen to us. She was extremely excited to meet with us. She met with us, and even came to church for a little activity, and met a bunch of the members. She even brought her friend. Boom!
The hermanas had a baptism this past weekend and all of our investigators got to come. It was a huge blessing. His name was Apuri and he asked me if I could do the baptism. It was a great blessing to see the change that came to him. The hermanas found him because of a reference I gave them that ended up dropping them but Apuri lived next door. Accepted an invitation to sports on Saturday and 1 month later was baptized. Boom!
The biggest miracle came from ideal member missionary work. (Take note) A member brought her two friends to church. She called us over and presented us and explained what we do and how we do it. She then took them to all the classes and taught them, explained to them, and answered their questions. They accepted a return visit and a Book of Mormon with excitement. It was a very large miracle.
I thank all of you for your support and your love and your prayers. 
I ask you to pray for
1. Ania for her baptism and that she can keep reading and praying.
2. Daisy and Grace. That they can accept a “fecha” baptismal and read and pray.
3. Santos and Carrol, that they can progress in the gospel.
Love all of you!

Élder Smiley

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