Tuesday, September 2, 2014

White is my favorite color!!!!

This week we had a BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Osas was found 3 weeks ago. He was the man that was found from a phone call from a missionary in Madrid and told me that I needed to talk to this Osas man ASAP! We went to his house and right from the get go he wanted to be baptized! 
He read in the Book of Mormon, he came to church, he made friends at church, and is now a member. At his baptism he got up and invited all who have not been baptized to take this big step in their lives and to be baptized. Very powerful testimony. It was great! It was one of the most spiritual baptismal services I have attended. You can just see the glow about him. The church is true. We´ve got to baptize everyone!
Huge week. We taught lots of lessons. People are progressing. We are finding people especially through the Hermanas future baptism. He is just bringing people to sports activities and to church. It is great to see the conversion in people and how they want their family and friends to feel like they do too. That is a great thing to take part in. 
Ania is Spanish girl. She spent time in New York and lived with an LDS family for a few weeks and felt like that family was just “complete.” When she got back here she wanted that, so she came to church about a year ago. The disconnect was that the missionaries just said “get baptized” but didn´t explain anything else. She slowly dropped it until 2 weeks ago when she showed up at church. Now we are explaining to her the why and she understands it better and now she wants to progress and to know if it is true. She is reading the Book of Mormon and loves it. Conversion once again.
We had leadership council yesterday and it was a great opportunity to see lots of my good friends. Elder Ward is now at another part of the mission instead of the office and I miss him. I did get to spend time with Elder Perkis as well. One of these times I will send y´all a picture of him. For the month of September we had every companionship set the baptismal goal of 1 and we are hoping to be the first zone to reach their baptismal goal. I think that would be a great miracle! That is what we want.
If you could keep Ania, Idurre and Maria and Elisa in your prayers that they can do the basic things, Read, Pray and Come to church.
I love all of you and thank you for your prayers and the angelic support that you are all sending me. I love you all!!!!

√Člder Smiley

White is my favorite color!!

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