Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The one constant, is CHANGE!!!

Wow. Big week. Probably the most overwhelming, crazy, packed week of my life. First I will tell you what we did then I will tell the miracles!!!
The first of the week pretty normal until Thursday, then we set up the whole chapel for the zone conference, the first zone conference in Vitoria since I have been in the mission. We had to set up and change and do a ton of stuff to prepare for the zone conference on Friday which President and Hermana Pace said was a hit! They loved it. It was a super good zone conference then right after the zone conference we didn´t even make it back to piso because we had to prepare the chapel for the activity that would be there that night. (Dad we did something similar to what you said) We had a huge ¨cultural activity¨. Tons of people came. Members brought their friends. Investigators came. We had a talent show that went incredibly well. Everyone participated and everyone enjoyed the acts. There was a great balance between funny talents and actual talents. We did a talent with the bishop which I am in the process of sending to y´all about the life of a missionary compared to a bishop. Super funny! We were the funniest act of the past ten years according to many members.
After the activity we came early in the morning to clean up the chapel to prepare the chapel for stake conference. We cleaned the entire church then went outside and set up parking for all the cars and a whole bunch of other stuff. It was crazy well organized. Then Saturday afternoon began. 5 hours of straight meetings. I wanted to die!!!!!! Y´all already know how much I hate meetings and 5 hours of them just put me under the earth. One thing I just hate about being a leader. Then Sunday came around and we broadcast the meeting from Vitoria to the rest of the stake all over northern Spain,  a great technological miracle here in the church.
The big miracles from the week were:
1. We found new investigators from the activity on Friday and we got on the members side even more.
2.Ania pretty much told us she wanted to be baptized as soon as possible.
3. On Monday we got a bunch of member references. 
    1.Masiel ( crazy member) told us to come to her friends house to talk with her and help her. She would like to hear more.
    2. A less active talked to a missionary on a bus on the way to the bus station and said it is her time to go back to church.
    3. A member in Bilbao told us that he had a friend here in Vitoria that is having lots of troubling times and needs help so he sent us. It was a great blessing! Huge blessing and huge miracle!!!
Another thing. They have asked Elder Wilson and I to split our areas and train. So we will both be receiving new companions from Barcelona. We are excited and the ward is fired up about it.
If y´all could just pray for me and my new companion that we can go and find and baptize in this area. It will be difficult because we will not have any investigators going into this. So........ here we go!!!!
Let´s go baptize the world!!!! 

Love you all!!!!

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