Monday, March 9, 2015

Last Monday's Letter.

Transfers. I´m in an area called Sabadell. It´s about 45 minutes from Barcelona. (Your welcome Mom.) My new companion is Elder Kimball. He is boss. Another Logan native. I Love him already. This past week was a blessing even though it was a bit rough at times. We talked with so many people and saw so many miracles.
First thing was not as much a miracle as something cool. We were out in a pueblo when  I contacted an Asian looking woman and she asked me if I was from Utah. Stunned I replied yes and told her where in Utah. She was a Japanese lady from Hikashawi and she had studied at Utah state and actually took all the missionary lessons but never got baptized. When I offered to pass by she didn´t want it. It was so frustrating just because I would love to have learned Japanese because people give me such a hard time for not knowing Japanese and my dad served there. Woops.
The other miracle was when we invited Carmen to be baptized yesterday and she accepted. She had had lots of doubts but since she has been reading and praying she is starting to move. She is in good hands. 
Jaki and Luis are doing incredible. They came to church. They were hanging on every word. It was so much fun to watch them enjoying sacrament meeting and learning instead of suffering. They gave me a tie and some socks when they found out I was leaving. That meant a lot.
Yesterday when Elder Smith and I were knocking doors we got in and taught a family. It´s nice to be accepted in, and especially when they enjoy and understand what we are teaching.
After sacrament meeting and I had given my going away talk and all. I was swarmed. Next week I will send you all the pictures but everyone wanted to take a picture with me which was a lot easier than having to chase people down to get a picture with them. It sure did make me feel important when all that was going on. I sure did come to love those people just like I loved those people in Menorca and everywhere else.
What a blessing the mission has been for me. Starting what will probably be my last area I just sit here and think about all the people I have influenced and have influenced me it sure does give me pleasure or a feeling of accomplishment. I do love the people I work with. I also did learn just how simple it is to share the gospel how good we feel when we share the gospel. 
I love all of you and I pray for every one of you!
Pray for Elder Kimball and I as we go to work in the work of the Lord.
Élder Smiley
Let´s go baptize the world.

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