Monday, March 9, 2015

Pictures galore!! Some of elder Kimball, bunch from Victoria as he transferred out

My new area is incredible! My companion is incredible! Area first:
There are tons of members. They are super good and they just want to help us. This ward is super good. Our bishop is from Oregon. Our area consists of a bunch of little towns that are just south of Sabadell (for example Barbara, Montcada, Badía). It is surprising how many members are in these little towns. Usually the members are just in the big city and not in the towns. You can tell that the church is well established here.
My companion. Elder Kimball. He is a boss. He was an SBO at Mountain Crest. We get along as well as I did with the boys in the tie crew. I feel like I am working with my best friend. This is a real blessing to be with him. The trick now is staying focused the whole time because we just love all the same stuff (yes, baptism included).
Huge miracles this week. Our miracle this week came from a good American soul. Joaquim was driving a taxi one day when he talked with an American named Bryan who told him where he could find peace and God. Joaquim called the office and that was when we went and shared the message of the restoration. He loved what we shared and accepted the invitation to be baptized. He came to church and when they asked him to present himself he just said how glad he was to have been brought to the church by us and how thankful he was to us. Such a blessing to be part of the conversion process.
Also the other Elders found an old Spanish lady who is catholic named Monica. She accepted a Book of Mormon and is reading. She missed church but accepted a fecha later that afternoon.
Tons of miracles and blessings.
We are just going as hard as we can until that bell rings.
Thank you for your prayers and support in my behalf and in behalf of our friends.
Love y´all!

Élder Smiley

Dave & Elder Kimball, not smiling on purpose I guess!!

Cody Rodeo has nothing on Spain

Valencia district missionaries

Dave being Smiles!!!

Family in Valencia Dave was real close to

The Less active girl they found by tuning around and just dining the door bell on the other side of the hall

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