Monday, March 30, 2015

This Week's Letter It's a "2 for 1" Sale

What a crazy week. 2 exchanges and so I pretty much didn´t see any of our friends,  which kind of put a big damper on my week. I have come to love these people a lot, and just the fact that I can´t see them kind of puts a damper on my week. It was kind of rough that everything went against us with church.
The best thing was that Joaquin, our boy, came to the baptism and loved it!
He was talking with me about it, and asking me questions about if I would wear white clothes if I was baptizing him. That just made my day!
We are going to have a great week this week of finding and teaching!
We are super excited.
This week I also got to work with Elder Ganowsky. He is a whole new missionary, considering that he can speak Spanish. hahaha It´s a whole different world from your six weeks to six months.
Not much happened this week. Just lots of the normal “nose to the grindstone” hard work. That is what will continue to occur this week also.
I love you all and wish you lots of miracles and blessings.
If you would please pray to help our friends: Joaquin and Andrea, Salvatore, Monica, and Yenny.
They are all great people and I know with our help they can make the first step.
Love you all!

Élder Smiley

Elder Smiley is tall and skinny!!!

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