Monday, March 30, 2015

Last Week's Letter

What an incredible week! The whole mission is waking from a slumber. 
Emmanuel. The Pakistan man in Valencia just got baptized. Elder Smith
will get me those pictures ASAP. I´m super pumped. What a blessing!!!
We had an incredible week!!
A couple incredible things that happened this week:
Joaquin and Andrea came to church with the kids. They loved it. They 
felt the spirit and are finally understanding our teaching/restoration.
They are really getting excited. They are super nervous about getting
baptized because they are nervous they are going to go less active.
They are super good though.
Salvatore. We find out that he is not married and living with his girlfriend.
He already has made plans to marry her. He wants to be baptized so bad!
He came to church in a suit this week. Looking fresh as ever, and a plus he
plays the organ. What´s good? 
Yenny. We had a fired visit where a friend was supposed to come with us
to Maribel´s house. Our friend couldn´t come so we went to tell Maribell
and she said ¨Oh then I´ll invite Yenny to come.¨ She came and is going
through a really hard time and she said that the peace she feels with us 
is the peace she is looking for right now. Incredible blessing.
Unlike last week we taught a ton but we also found 7 new friends, and 4
of them being a family. They already love us. (I mean what is more charming
than 2 guapo young Elders looking fresh?)
Miracles. Miracles. Miracles.

This week when when we were passing by a less active’s house something crazy
happened. When we touched the bell he wasn´t home. I felt the need to touch
the neighbors door. When all of a sudden we hear a gun shot. We both were
just stunned, looked at each other than all of a sudden we hear him running
towards the door screaming and swearing. I don´t think I have ran that fast
since the time that Jake, Cody, Mark and I ran from the Dominos car after
we through a snow ball at it. That was interesting.

All in all an eventful week. This week is looking just as if not better.
What´s good?!?
I love all of you and ask if you could please pray for our friends.
They are doing well and with your help we will help them make
covenants with our father in heaven.
I thank all of you for your prayers in mine and Elder Kimball and
I´s behalf.
Love you all!
√Člder Smiley

Let´s go baptize the world!

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