Monday, June 1, 2015

It's White in Barcelona!!

BAPTISM!!!!!!!!! Three baptisms in our district!!!! When I was talking with Pte. Pace in the train station on transfers and told him about all the baptisms he told me that he would be there unless someone had 4. I love that man so much!
Mari Carmen. She is not the smallest person on the planet and she was very nervous bless her heart. Right when she got in the font she grabbed Elder Alders arm (clenched his arm, he appeared to have lost circulation) and started to baptism herself. I love her so much. It took us a few times (five to be exact) to get her baptized but we did it! What a giant blessing! She asked me to do the confirmation and I had never felt so good about doing a confirmation before to be completely honest. The words just soured from my mouth. I really realized and put into words just how important the Holy Ghost was for me and how it could be for her in her life. I thought it was well done.
Salvatore. Oh how I love that man. We visited him early this week and we talked about his conversion. He had missed a couple of Sundays and I was getting a bit nervous. At the end of the lesson we asked him to share his testimony after ours. he bore a simple and incredible testimony about how he knew that the church was lost and restored through José Smith. What a miracle! That is the first strong testimony I´ve heard from one of my friends before a baptism.
The family (Walter, Doris, Allison, Girard). Allison is coming consistently to mutual (something that two thirds of the youth don´t do) and her and Girard came with us to church and loved it. Walter worked and Doris had to help but it was awesome! they loved it and I loved it too. The reason they are still talking with us is because of the members. What a blessing the members are. We have incredible members and soon enough we should have a ward mission leader. Boom!!!!! This family has taught me just how important the member missionary work is. It´s the only way!!
Mari Carmen then brought her friend to church on Sunday. Our Gospel principles class, which usually has about 5-7 in attendance, had about 20 people. Those are the fruits of missionary work.
What a blessing that was!
I had to do 2 of the baptismal interviews that were baptized on Saturday and I tell you what, those things take it out of you. It´s like a constant spiritual search to make sure this person is ready and it´s hot and I was fasting. I felt and looked like a gosh dang zombie. haha
What a blessing it was to have had a great baptismal service with three of our friends making covenants with our Heavenly Father. I love this work and I love these people. If you would please pray for these friends of ours that they can get closer to baptism and/or  endure to the end. Thank you and Love you!
Thank you for your prayers and love towards me and my friends! I feel your love and presence.
Love you all!

Élder Smiley

Mari Carmen's Baptism

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