Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Fun Letter -- Fun P-Day

What a crazy week. Lots of lessons taught but not a lot of progression. Lots of craziness all around. Here are just a couple of the high lights:
Mari Carmen brought 2 friends to church on Sunday and they arrived just a tad bit late and walked in looking as lost as 3 cave men at the Apple store. It was pretty good how the members helped them to a seat and got them comfortable. What a miracle she has been for the ward and for us. They are all just a great miracle for the ward. I think they helped a bunch getting the fire under the seat to get us a ward mission leader. We will have one by next week. That is necessary!!!!!!
In that same testimony meeting on Sunday a member got up and shared a rather tragic story how her brother in law had swung and hit her with an axe on the head and how she was grateful that Jesus was protecting her. That was when I put my head in my hands and said ¨this is no longer a testimony meeting´. Welcome to a ward full of recent converts. I love it!
Salvatore came to church again. He is great! We are trying to set him up so that he can be baptized before I leave. I love that man with all my heart!
This week we also helped Mari Carmen clean off her balcony. That thing was nasty. This may seam weird but I missed that. Doing random chores with the boys and dad. Those were such good times. I never thought that I would miss getting dirty and working but it happened. ha We just didn´t have time after to go get ice cream.
We felt the need to go knock a building of a former friend that we had previously been teaching. WE felt that the Lord was preparing someone around her. Right when we got to the building the door was opened and then I closed it. I then heard someone outside so I opened the door so they didn´t have to pull out their keys. Just about gave this lady a heart attack as I opened the door. She had been prepared by the Lord. She had been looking for the true church and had resorted to some church. It´s all good with her. Her name is Loana.
Would you please unite with me and pray for Salvatore, Joy, Girard & Allison, Loana, and Asunción.
Thank you all! I thank you all for you love and support. I hope that you have Angels supporting you in all that you do!
Love y´all!

P-Day is for being a tourist!!

These are the boys whose hands the future of the church is in?
Élder Smiley

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