Monday, June 15, 2015

Great week in Spain, what will the country do without Smiles!!

What a great week topped off by an incredible Preparation day in the woods. I led us out until we got lost then we bush wacked our way back to civilization. It reminded me of the time that Tate and I did that wicked hike and ended up in Payson but we still made it to Family night at the movies on time. I miss the good ole hiking experience.
Boy do I have some stories for y´all this week.
The miracle of the week was church. Earlier this week we had invited one of our friends to come to church. She doesn´t have a phone and I was just hoping and praying she would just remember to come. When we came, about 30 minutes early, I saw the lights were off in the sacrament room. I went in and turned the lights on when I saw AsunciĆ³n sit up on the back row. She had come early and was taking a nap. I was so happy and we all got a good laugh out of it.
Joy. She has a baptismal date this weekend but she got kind of cold feet yesterday before church. I don´t think she thinks she is prepared. When she gets baptized she is going to have to leave her whole old life behind. Smoking, boy friend, everything! She is progressing so well. (Side nudge to mom) The 5 gum you sent me we gave to her so that every time she is tempted to light one up she just pops a stick of Chiclet. She is constantly chewing gum now which we are super grateful for!
We showed up at a visit this week and the person had invited her pastor to come. It was very interesting how we invited the spirit; complimenting on the house, quiet calm prayer, bearing testimony, and how he drove the spirit that we had brought away; Screaming halleluya, raising his voice in his teachings, saying bad things about people in the room and out, screaming in his prayer.
I know we are in the true church.
I learned this week that the law of consecration is for real. There have been side effects to people to people I know here that are not living the law of consecration. We have literally promised to give our all to him. That is what we need to do and that is how we will make it to the celestial kingdom.
Statistics of R.M.´s that President gave us. (These might be good for the priests)
80% of sealed males are R.M.
75 % of Stake Presidents are R.M
2/3 of bishops and Elders Quorum are R.M.
(Patience) If a young man serves a mission in three generation there are likely to be 18-20 active adults of his posterity.
If that young man does not serve a mission in three generation it is likely that .8 people are active adults in the church. (maybe not the person himself)
I love all of you and  I ask that you please pray for Joy as she prepares for her baptism this week.
It will be a true miracle when she is baptized!
Thank you for your prayers and support. You are all so great and are helping the kingdom of God expand!

Let´s go to work!

Elder Alder(current companion) is in the "gumball" shirt, Elder Ganowski(previous greenbean) in red shirt

Loved to get into the forest on P-day this week

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