Monday, June 29, 2015

Missionary work never ends!

What a week we had!
This Tuesday was a holiday called San Joan. It was like the 4th of July but it reminded me a lot more of like D-day. Here few fireworks are pretty. Here the goal is noise and explosion. It was a warzone all night!!! Coming home and crossing the big plaza to make it to the bus we were walking through the battle zone. We made a war zone video in piso just to display the madness. It was fun in the end.
Story time. I get a call Thursday afternoon telling me a friend of the hermanas who they met that day would be getting baptized this Saturday. Extatic as I was we went to the chapel to do the interview. She was so prepared and incredible! Iris. I then had to go on another intercambio in Barcelona (story will be told later) when they had the baptism. It all went smooth and great. That night her sister, Anti Mormon, calls all the family of Iris and tells them what happened and tells them all to hate on Iris. When she woke up Sunday morning she had a bunch of texts saying that she was dumb, psycho, etc.
She didn´t end up coming to church and the Hermanas were freaking out. They call me crying. I don´t know what to do. They went and resolved it all while I was in church so I am a happy man. Iris will be confirmed next week and all doubts are resolved. Satan is working hard so we work harder.
Intercambio. I got to Barcelona and Elder Moyano tells me, ¨We have no visits today. You ready to contact?¨ For almost the entire day we were on the streets in that incredible heat talking with the whole world. When we sat down on a bench to teach someone she said that her legs were being burnt through her dress. The madness! We got back to piso more wet then I was getting out of the shower that morning.
There was a wedding this week in the church. It was the ward mission leaders daughter and plus a lot of our friends wanted to go so we went to go help. Almost all the extended family was present and none were members. It was almost a testimony meeting about eternal families. Isn´t that interesting, I was quite surprised at how they turned a wedding into a missionary moment.
Great progress just no one is on fecha right now.
Doris came to church with Girard and Allison! Boom!!! Miracle!
Maria Jesus came to church. She loved it so much she said she was going to come every week!
tons of miracles and tons of blessings!
Could you please pray for Joy, Mari Carmen, Doris & Girard & Walter & Allison, and Maria Jesus.
Thank you for your love and support. We´ve got to go to work!
Love y´all!!

√Člder Smiley
Didn't even get wet!!!

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